Tn reason to wear a suit

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Ten Reasons To Wear a Suit

How to measure for a suit

If you are planning to buy a suit, you need to get measured to make sure you get the right size and fit. Here are some quick tips to make sure you get sized just right.


Make sure you wear a dress shirt and undershirt if you wear one when you get measured. The shirt does make a difference.

Measure shoulder to shoulder across you back. Don’t pull the tape tight because you need a snug, nut not tight fit across your shoulders.

Measure around the largest part of your torso. On some men this is the chest. On others it is abdomen. Do not exhale. It’s best to fill your lungs when measuring.

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Picking the fabric for a suit

Picking out the right suit is more than just grabbing something off the shelf and seeing if it fits. The fabric is an important part of a suit. Here’s a rundown of what to look for and why.


Suits are made from fabric that is measured by weight.

7-9 ounce – The lightest possible weight. Good for summer.

9.5-12 ounce – Next to the lightest weight. A good choice for all season suits.

12-13 ounce – Probably too much in summer but good for fall and cooler days.

14-19 ounce – The heaviest. This is for winter wear.

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Six tips for picking a suit

When you are looking for a business suit there are some things that just have to be done and some things that are optional. Let’s take a look at three from both categories.


1) A solid color suit, charcoal or navy blue. If you have to get one, charcoal. It’s dark enough to pair with just about anything, but light enough to not be too somber.

2) Buy the tie and shirt with the suit. That way you know it matches. At Mens Suits Mall we make sure to pair your suit with a tie.

3) The right fit should go without saying, but it does not. Too many men look at a suit and think if it fits in one place, it fits everywhere else. That’s just not so. It has to fit the shoulder, your arms and across your middle.

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How to Wear a Suit Jacket

If you are wearing a suit, are you breaking the rules or following them. Not everyone can be Doc Severinsen, but even he follows some of the rules. Here’s a top 5 list of the rules you should follow.

1) The width of the tie should match the width of the lapel. In the mid-1970s, ties were as wide as the tire on a Buick. Those days have not returned. (whew). If you must wear a string tie, you better be from Texas, Arizona or New Mexico.

2) Speaking of wide, don’t. At least don’t right now. Maybe in another 10 years wide lapels will come back. Right now the trend is thin. You can go wide if you want to, but we’re hoping you’ll only do that for a retro dress party.
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5 Five Rules on How to Wear a Suit

Just when you thought you were done with the rules for wearing a suit, we come up with another five. We want you to look your best, so we’re giving you this advice.

1) Unbutton before sitting. Seriously. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your waistline is. When you sit down, your middle is going to expand past what it was when you were standing. If you sit with a buttoned jacket, you run the risk of something tearing or buttons being turned into shrapnel.

2) Speaking of buttons, in a two button jacket the top button should be just at your navel. If you have a three-button suit, the middle button should be just at your navel.

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