Six tips for picking a suit

When you are looking for a business suit there are some things that just have to be done and some things that are optional. Let’s take a look at three from both categories.


1) A solid color suit, charcoal or navy blue. If you have to get one, charcoal. It’s dark enough to pair with just about anything, but light enough to not be too somber.

2) Buy the tie and shirt with the suit. That way you know it matches. At Mens Suits Mall we make sure to pair your suit with a tie.

3) The right fit should go without saying, but it does not. Too many men look at a suit and think if it fits in one place, it fits everywhere else. That’s just not so. It has to fit the shoulder, your arms and across your middle.


1) A patterned suit should be in your closet after you have covered the basics, including a plain black suit for formal occasions and serious events. What kind of pattern? What do you like? Plaid, houndstooth and herringbone all look good.

2) Depending on the event, you may be able to skip socks. If it’s summer and you’re going for a more casual look, skip the socks. Just be sure to let your shoes air out for several days before you wear them again.

4) Try some accessories. Lapel pins and cufflinks are not common, but not unusual either. Find something that fits your look and your style. Just don’t go overboard or you will look like a mobile advertising board.

Need help? Mens Suits Mall is here to help. We have a 24/7 helpline for any questions you may have.

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